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A new American animated musical film premiered in 3D in cinemas on November 24. The story about a longhaired princess Rapunzel and Flynn Rider and their friends horse Maximus and Chameleon Pascal.

tangledThe film is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The story is based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. If you’ve already watched it, try to answer the questions on the movie in English.

What is the name of Rapunzel’s chameleon?
A. Jerry
B. Pasqualle
C. John
D. Pascal

What is the name of the white horse?
A. Maximo
B. Max
C. Maximum
D. Maximus

What happens to Rapunzel’s hair in the end of the film?
A. Her hair is cut until it becomes short
B. Her hair becomes black
C. Her hair is cut and braided
D. Her hair is cut but it still reaches her back

Whose voice does Rapunzel have in the film?
A. Britney Spears
B. Mandy Moore
C. Emma Watson

Who is a thief?
A. Pascal
B. Maximus
C. Flynn

What is the name of the evil witch that kidnapped Rapunzel when she was a baby?
A. The evil witch that kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby
B. Rapunzel’s mother
C. the Queen’s servant

When is the Festival of Lights in the nearby kingdom?
A. Summer
B. Christmas Eve
C. Rapunzel’s Birthday
D. The King’s Birthday

Rapunzel’s best friend is Pascal. What type of lizard is he?
A. Gecko
B. Chameleon
C. Iguana

Flynn Rider is a theif who always falls in and out of trouble. How does he always get by?
A. He’s really smart and fast.
B. He’s strong and honest.
C. He’s charming and funny.


˙ɔ 'q 'ɐ 'ɔ 'q 'ɐ 'р 'р :sɹǝмsuɐ ʇɥƃıɹ ǝɥʇ

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